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There is a proposed rule change.  To download the proposals please click
here.   These proposals are to be discussed at the meeting on 1st November so please let me have your thoughts as soon as possible by email Please note that these changes do NOT affect Nursery Stakes

Sunday January 8th 2017
Points Awards at The Holt Hotel, Enstone

Sunday February 12th 2017
Winter Show at Quainton Stud (not change of venue)

Saturday April 29th 2017
Spring Festival at Addington

Recent events
Sunday 1st May
Spring Festival at Addington

Tuesday 9th August
The BSPS are a Young Judges training at John Harvey at Cheshunt Park Farm, Park Lane Paradise, Cheshunt, Herts EN7 6PZ .  All Members aged 12 years and upwards are welcome so please email  to let us know if you wish to attend

Sunday February 28th
Winter Show at Addington

Sunday February 14th
Anthony Perkins Flat & WHP clinic at Manor Farm, Kingsey

Sunday January 31st
Anthony Perkins Flat & WHP clinic at Manor Farm Kingsey

Sunday January 17th 2016
Awards Lunch at The Hopcroft Holt Hotel

Monday 11th April
Rachel Turner WHP clinic at Tythrop Park


 BSPS Area 7 are enormously grateful to the following sponsors