Alison Georgakis is co-ordinating the Young Judges for this year.  Please send her an email expressing your interest - you just have to be 12 years of age or older at the time of the completion (end August)

We will run various training sessions (open to all BSPS members) throughout Easter and Summer Holidays.

Tuesday 11th April.  Young judges training at Mansionhill Stud (by kind permission Mr and Mrs A Georgakis.

Following a hugely successful competition in 2015 - where Chrystia Reynolds WON the individual section and the young team  WON the Team competition, we are looking to follow this up.  If you are interested please email youngjudges@bspsarea7.co.uk

The BSPS are holding their own session at John Harvey at Cheshunt Park Farm, Park Lane Paradise, Cheshunt, Herts EN7 6PZ on 9th August, 2016. Members aged 12 years and upwards are welcome so please email  to let us know if you wish to attend.

There will be more fun and informative training sessions as we get further into the Summer

There will be a Young Judges training session on Friday August 7th at 3pm at Tythrop Park (by kind permission of Mr & Mrs N Wheeler) please contact Rose Marston (Tel 07920 775571) All members and parents are welcome to attend to here the very experienced and well known judge Bridget Millington talk about conformation.

Teams are of 3 members, one who may have attained their 12 birthday before 1st January in the current year and 2 (or 3) who have attained their 14th but not their 21st birthday before the 1st January in the current year, or individuals to have attained their 18th and not their 24th birthday before 1st January in the current year.

A brilliant 2nd for the team of Chrystia Reynolds, Fleur Marston and Ella Wheeler